Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2024: Use this method to earn $65 per registration 


Want to earn Bluehost affiliate commission without web hosting and domain name? Even if you don’t have a large audience, you can start making money. If this is exciting for you, please keep keep reading

In this article, I will show how you can benefit from Quora and Medium to earn referral fees. First, you will learn about Bluehost’s membership plans. Secondly, you will know why I choose Bluehost to earn referral money. 


At the end of this article, you will know how to promote affiliate links on Medium and drive Quora traffic. It sounds pretty good? Let’s get started right away! 


Bluehost Affiliate:how the program works 


Bluehost pays $65 for each sale you make as an affiliate member. Considering that customers may only spend $8 a month and get the first month for free, this is incredible. Therefore, a simple closing price of $3 (base value of $3) pays $65. How can it be? 


Bluehost Affiliate Program 

Well, this is about customer lifetime value. Bluehost knows that web host customers are offering more than just $65. Generally speaking, customers will not change the host frequently. Many of them are updating their plans. 

As an affiliate, this is also extraordinary. What about some expensive plans? You should bring in a lot of affiliate commissions, right? Not really. 


You will receive the same referral commission for all plans. 

If your audience prefers to buy a $100 plan than a shared hosting plan, it might be better to join an affiliate hosting plan. Otherwise, Bluehost is a great way to make a big profit with every sale. 


Bluehost Plans 

BlueHost has five different hosting types, allowing your readers to choose plans according to their needs. For the cheapest activation and renewal plans, check the prices below: 


shared hosting: $2.95 per month, and $8.99 per month for renewal. 

WooCommerce hosting: $15.95 per month, and  $24.95 per month for renewal.

VPS hosting: $18.99 per month, and $29.99  per month for renewal.


WordPress hosting: $9.95 per month, and $29.99 per month for renewal 

dedicated hosting: $79.99 per month, and $119.99 per month for renewal 


Bluehost provides new customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee and discounts. This brings you opportunities. Bluehost’s promotional price can save your viewers up to 64% per month! 


Why I Choose Bluehost Affiliate Program 

Bluehost is the most popular web hosting company in the world, used by more than 2 million websites. WordPress officially recommends it to users. So this plan must be worth it. 




It is beginner-friendly 

The first thing I suggest you try is Bluehost’s affiliate program because it is easy to approve of. You don’t have to follow the strict guidelines that other affiliate programs usually follow. 

This makes you like it as a beginner. Anyone can now become a Bluehost partner. 


Extensive hosting services 

The second reason for promoting Bluehost to earn commissions is to provide hosting services at reasonable prices. Services include the latest cPanel, first-class after-sales service and detailed analysis tools. What else is needed for hosting? 


Does not involve financial investment or risk 

You can join Bluehost’s affiliate program without paying any fees. 

The minimum investment is hosting, domain name and content. With my method, you don’t even need a domain or hosting. You can continue to promote and make money on Bluehost. 


Important commissions for affiliates 

I must point out that Bluehost provides great commissions to its affiliates. You can earn between $65 and $130 per sale. This is amazingly huge! The more you sell, the more commission you get. It’s that easy! 

I have outlined the main reasons for joining the Bluehost affiliate program, but there are more. Let’s see how to earn affiliate commissions without hosting or domain names. 


How to earn Bluehost affiliate commissions without hosting 

When you have a website with a lot of traffic, you want to promote affiliate links there. Everyone has talked about it in the past. Do you need hosting? Head to medium. Do you want traffic on Medium? Make the most of Quora. Let me explain a bit.


Create good content on the medium

This medium enables you to publish content with affiliate links. This is good news. But I don’t recommend you to overdo it. This algorithm increases the popularity of high-quality content on the Internet. Therefore, you always provide readers with the value they need. 

Bluehost is a great affiliate program, and Medium is your platform for publishing content. So do start creating content around Bluehost. Don’t just write reviews and typical reviews of “best” hosting services. It is best to give the maximum value.


For example, use Bluehost to compare posts to create a tutorial to set up a reader’s website, such as the Bluehost vs Hostens

Write on “how to articles” based on Bluehost vs hostens

I hope you can understand. Find keywords related to Bluehost  and create quality content around them. Also, think about compelling titles. 


Create quality content 

If your content meets quality standards, can you rank well on Medium? Ask such questions and check that your contents meet the quality required by Medium. What you post on Medium must be quality and great. 

If you actively promote your affiliate links in your content, your readers may not appreciate it. To make money from Medium, you need to be careful to create and publish content that contains only a few affiliate links. 

For me I add 1-2 affiliate links on medium articles and redirect to my blog or website, that way your account won’t be suspended.


create insightful headlines 

Although Medium allows vague and creative headlines,

Most  of the highly ranked content has a quite straightforward title. Your article should only be a quick read for your audience to understand. Add numbers because it increases genuineness and enthusiasm.

After you create affiliate content on Medium, the platform will work for you to succeed. But using Quora to boost will help you achieve your goals quickly. 


Use Quora’s content 

Obtaining traffic from Quora to your Medium content via Bluehost can increase your referral income. It is not only a Q&A website, but also a mature and intelligent forum. This time, you don’t even have to create any content. 

All you need is to reuse your Medium content for Quora. Getting referral traffic back to your medium is free. Create a “space” in quora on hosting and start writing content about it there. Do not include your affiliate links in Quora if you’re a beginner, as this platform does not allow them especially when you are new to quora, at first try to offer quality solutions and build relationships. if after 2-4 weeks you can start with one link per four posts, hope you get the idea?


How does Bluehost Affiliate make money? 

Well, you can re-use long articles and make short ones. Answer questions in Space and create short posts related to your niche. If you get it right, you will attract a lot of traffic to your affiliate content. 


For example, so far, my content views on Quora have exceeded 28K, though I’m less busy on quora . This undoubtedly has considerable potential. This is not just about referral commissions; you can also promote your ebooks,online courses, social media presence etc. 


Let me share quick tips to help you get attention quickly on Quora


  • Create different types of content, including videos and pictures 
  • Provide consistent value to readers on the platform 
  • Get inspiration from endless ideas (related content) 
  • Do a quality credential like a professional (show your expertise or Your hobbies) 
  • Do a Content research within Quora to avoid duplicate content 
  • Answer questions about your niche (hosting in this case) 
  • Don’t sound bogus use natural language 
  • Run Quora ads to seamlessly engage your audience 
  • That’s it now. 


Now let me summarize the whole process for you. 


Conclusion: makes money through Quora and Medium’s Bluehost affiliates

If you are looking for a plan without a strict approval policy, The Bluehost affiliate program is a good choice. All you need is to register and start promoting affiliate links.

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